Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pool Advisor Version 2.7 released!

A quick update from 2.6.

Based on multiple requests, I added a note field to the Test Pool page. The note will show up in the logs and exports as well.

I also fixed a bug with the Custom Test field on the Test Pool page. Since nobody reported it yet, I'm hoping it wasn't an issue for anyone!

Get the Free version of Pool Advisor here:
Get the Paid version of Pool Advisor here:
Get the Pro (multi pool) version of Pool Advisor here:


  1. I have a suggestion, that would be great if you can add to the next version.
    Please add the option to track borates. Also adding in the chemical section Soda Ash and Baking Soda would be great!!


  2. Hi Artcien,

    I will add that to my to do list, but in the meantime there are Custom fields available in the Paid and Pro versions that let you track whatever you'd like!

    You can change the settings for both Testing and Chemicals.

    Thanks for using Pool Advisor!

  3. Do you have also customer details in pro versions? Pool shapes, water volume, location, etc?

    1. The pro version does have location and volume information. I have plans to use some of this location information for reports to deliver to the customer too.