Monday, March 7, 2011

Pool Advisor Pro Version 2.2 released!

Pool Advisor Pro Version 2.2 has been released in the Android Market. The free version of Pool Advisor will also get an update, but it is still in testing. It should be ready early this week.

New features in Pool Advisor Pro:
- Added metric unit support
- Added ability to delete a pool (from the Pool Settings page)
- Changed the Multi Pool Settings to include a default chemical range. This will be applied to new pools as you create them so you don't have to do that each time.
- Added a report where you can view all testing done on a day (or range of days).

Also a couple of bug fixes:
- Fixed decimal point issues with numeric fields on the Galaxy Tablet.
- Fixed the name of the pool shown on the page where you enter the amount of chemicals used after a test.

I've got some more things in mind, plus some of you have sent in feature requests. Keep 'em coming, I want this to be useful for you!

And tell your friends about Pool Advisor Pro!

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