Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pool Advisor Pro is here!

Update: All three versions of Pool Advisor - Pool Advisor (free, with ads), Pool Advisor (99 cents, with no ads), and Pool Advisor Pro - are now available in the Marketplace!

Some big updates are in store. Pool Advisor Pro will be uploaded to the Android Marketplace tomorrow. For the month of February, you can buy Pool Advisor Pro for $2.99. In March, the price will go up to $4.99, so make sure you take advantage now!

Now you can manage multiple pools, keeping track of chemical checks, inventory, and reminders for each pool. Or if you're running a pool company and have your own inventory, you can keep track of all your inventory in one place.

Use the Select Active Pool page to select a pool you are working on or add a pool.

And you can change how the Inventory is managed in the Multi Pool Settings

I've got some more things I will add, including being able to export the data, set a primary pool, and email test results to a pool owner. If you have any other ideas to make this a better product, please let me know!

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